[Harp-L] Audix Fireball - price difference

Sorry, don't know if anyone responded to this question yet. I tuned out for a minute...

The reason for the price difference is because the original fireball was cast here in the US and the new ones overseas. Cheaper labor, and the saving were passed on to us... I play the new one, it has an awesome volume pot that slides sideways and I highly recommend it to any harmonica player. I wouldn't endorse their product if I didn't use it.

Audix is a company out of Wilsonville, Or., a lot of the guys including the #1 boss are ex pro musicians and they really deserve our support. They stuck their neck out listening to Chris Wienk, who (in spite of rumors to the contrary) was the catalyst behind this microphone getting designed and manufactured. Let's hope it turns out to not be a financial write-off for Audix, they deserve a lot of props for putting this mic out.

Of course, I play chromatic, and it has more bottom than most handhelds (i.e. my Sure 58 Beta), but I like how I can turn my Fender Champ all the way up and play in the same room without it feeding back. The Fireball is worth every penny!

There are a couple of screen and foam cover mods out there to experiment with, I'm sure they've been discussed here to no end.

Buy one now!


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<I'm a long time SM58 user, but I'm considering the Audix Fireball. There
<are two models, the Fireball (rrp $249 from the Audix site) and the
<Fireball V (rrp $199). They both seem to have the same microphone
<element. The Fireball V has a volume pot (very useful), but retails for
<less, despite this extra feature. Could anyone tell me why this is? More
<to the point, is there any technical reason to buy the more expensive
<Fireball, rather than the Fireball V?

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