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Garry Hodgson wrote:

<Richard Hunter <turtlehill@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> By the way, I bought a Digitech RP350 a little while ago, but so far I 
>> haven't made a lot of headway in programming it for the harp. It would 
>> be nice if I could, because the 350 has the ability to transfer patch sets 
>> via USB. But there you go. 
>is that because you've been too busy, or it's more difficult to program,
>or its features don't work well for harp?  or D) other?

I've been busy, and I haven't cracked the code on it.  It takes time to get a feel for the way a particular amp modeler works.  

It's also a more complex device than the RP200, and it seems to behave a little differently when I do things like change amp models, which makes programming it more complex for me.  

And like I said, I've been busy. It's been more important to me to get my RP200 set up for the Audix Fireball, because I know the RP200 well, and I gig with it frequently.  I even bought a backup for the RP200, which was an easier decision now that the price has dropped to $100.

Thanks, Richard Hunter
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