[Harp-L] requiem for a writer

Thanks Elizabeth for your poignant post.  I am moved to note that Kurt Vonnegut, America's greatest writer since Mark Twain, and our worst Saab salesman ever, was known to give long rides to itinerant harp-playing hitch-hikers, at least in Massachusetts in the early '70's. 

Read everything - anything - Kurt Vonnegut wrote and he will take you on a ride through his peculiarly American yet globally human universe, where he played his own sort of improvisational, heartfelt blues.  

A down-to-earth fantasist, indeed.  And so it goes.

-Dave Fertig

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Subject: [Harp-L] Requiem
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 13:36:01 EDT
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Kurt Vonnegut has died.  His last "Requiem" says a lot to me,  having spent 
some time (and being completely awestruck...as that word is  rarely used 
properly) at the Canyon in September for Robert  Bonfiglio's Harmonica Seminar:
"When the last living thing 
has died on account of us,  
how poetical it would be 
if Earth could say, 
in a  voice floating up 
from the floor 
of the  Grand Canyon, 
'It is done' 
People did not like it  here."


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