Re: [Harp-L] Diifference betweent Audix Fireball and Audix

Tony Eyers wrote:

<I'm a long time SM58 user, but I'm considering the Audix Fireball. There
<are two models, the Fireball (rrp $249 from the Audix site) and the 
<Fireball V (rrp $199). They both seem to have the same microphone 
<element. The Fireball V has a volume pot (very useful), but retails for 
<less, despite this extra feature. Could anyone tell me why this is? More 
<to the point, is there any technical reason to buy the more expensive 
<Fireball, rather than the Fireball V?

Some of the older Fireballs (pre-V) have an element with poor bass response. The Vs have a better element, and they produce a big sound.  That volume knob is also very useful. Get the V.  You may also find that prices are better from dealers other than Audix direct.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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