[Harp-L] Re: Stanley Behrens

Stanley Behrens has long been a friend of Harp-L, though he has not always been able to check in with his busy schedule. Now no longer touring with Canned Heat, he is keeping quite busy in the LA area.

He has done a number of studio sessions over the years, and as he states: "I'm still doing the "MY NAME IS EARL" tv show and we are going for the third season this fall season."

He is also included in the giglist, with a show at W Hollywood's House of Blues on April 18 with The LA Blues Alliance.

I took a couple of photos of him and Canned Heat in 2003 when they appeared in a park setting in Santa Clarita, CA. Check it out at: http://www.bassharp.com/cannedheat.htm

Thanks to all for your verbal appreciation of my efforts with the giglist, and I remind everyone that I welcome all harmonica players' listings. Keep them comin' in!

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Hudson, FL 34674-5061

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