[Harp-L] delay pedals....slow on the uptake

...So a long time ago, in a previous incarnation as a harp player, I got a
Dan Echo.  After a while, I observed that my tone seemed to be different
when I played through it.... at bit thinner, yada yada...... Shortly after
that, There was all of this furor over the horrible things that the Dan Echo
does to your tone, all of which could be fixed with a really expensive mod.
I put the Danecho away, and it hasn't emerged since.  I missed the delay
effect, but worked really hard on getting decent tone instead.

Cut to the present.  I still really miss the delay, and am considering
dusting off the Dan-o.  But now everyone and their sister is talking about
the different Boss pedals.  SOOoooooo, why are the Boss delay pedals
preferable for harp?  Are they all?  Are some better than others? Does the
Dan-o problem also occur in the Boss pedals?

See, I'm a little slow on the uptake as I am very selective with what
threads I read. I can only digest so much information, and I generally focus
on topics that are immediately useful to me...or certain particularly wise
or entertaining posters.

Any help / thoughts would be appreciated...

- Blake

Blake Taylor

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