[Harp-L] Chromatic harmonica Seminar for Diatonic Players

The approach will be simple; I will teach the fundamentals of the Chromatic - scales, chords or arpeggios, reading, rhythm, corner switching, etc and then will discuss how students have taken what I taught them and added the chromatic to their playing, when they use diatonic and when they use chromatic - that way you know the transition is possible - I have introduced chromatic to Clint Hoover, Randy Singer, Rob Paparozzi, Emile D'Amico, Sugar Blue, Chris DePino, etc.

I have players signed up already; it's $450, $650 if you stay at the house, it's an opportunity not to be missed to come away with knowledge and the skills on the Chromatic to last a lifetime. Just ask the players that have studied me already.

I am there to take what you already know about harmonica and apply it to the chromatic; you will come away with the information to play the chromatic and what you do with it totally is up to you.

Email me or call me at 917-445-5831 or 212-932-1239 if you have questions or wish to sign up. A $100 refundable deposit will secure a place - you will be responsible for your own local hotel, campsite, etc.

Teaching goes from 10-12 then 2-4, then nightly jams on both chromatic and diatonic. July 30-Aug 3 and if you wish, com see me play a Harmonica Concerto on Aug 5th.

Join me for the thrill of a lifetime!!!!

Harmonically yours,

Robert Bonfiglio

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