[Harp-L] Need help repairing Amphenol mic cable connector

Captron100@xxxxxxx wrote:

<snip> But.....can i eliminate the Amphenol connector and replace with a standard 1/4 inch plug? <snip>

You can, but you have to extend the barrel a bit to fit a 1/4" connector. This in turn requires machining a custom bushing to fit in the barrel where the old connector used to be. I have done this for many list members - although in every case I've added a volume control while I was at it for them. You can see pics of this mod on the "mods and adapters" page of my web site at http:// www.blowsmeaway.com An alternative is to end it with a switchcraft screw-on connector, which is shorter; if you don't want a volume control this can be done without any extension.

But from the description you're giving, it sounds like the mic already has a switchcraft screw-on (which means someone already modified it - 545's all came with 3-pin or 4-pin connectors) and you need to fix the cable? I can put a new connector on the end of the cable for you.



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