[Harp-L] Re: Richard Hunter and RP200

  I'm interested in the Digitech RP200 and now even more so since your post on how good it sounds with the Bottle 'O Blues and with "stick" vocal mics, since these are the two mics I play through the most. 
  (1) I was interested at one point in one of the larger Digitech RP units and did some reading on-line. I seem to remember reading complaints that the gain was too high for feeding into a PA and that you had to set the level very low. I know you gig with yours all the time ... has this been an issue for you? Is it easy to adjust the level on the fly if necessary without disturbing the presets? Can the expression pedal be set for volume or level?
  (2) When you use a vocal mic with the RP200 are you using a Lo-Z to Hi-Z impedance adapter, or just an XLR to 1/4" cable?
  (3) Its important for me to be able to get a nice clean sound, with maybe just reverb or delay. Can I get this through the RP200? I have a Line 6 Pod that I like but I don't use much anymore for live playing because it seems to suck out all the tone when played clean. For some reason this is very noticeable when playing the Pod into a PA system - but is not the case at all when I use it to record into my PC.
  (4) Another problem I have with my Line 6 Pod is that I have a hard time getting different settings to have the same output level. The gain seems to vary a lot between different amp models. Each time I switch settings my volume varies and its hard for me to get a consistent overall volume out of the PA at a gig. Has this been an issue with the RP200.
  [note: before hitting send, I went to your website and read the description of your patches and you already addressed this issue. It says you matched the levels for each patch, Jim]
  I look forward to hearing your responses and if I pick up an RP200 I will certainly buy your patch set for $15. That's a great deal. One thing I can't find any info on is how to load the patches into the RP200.
  Jim McBride

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