[Harp-L] Need help repairing Amphenol mic cable connector

Thanks to those who wrote to help.  I have been unable to  solve my problem 
and have been even been unable to find my solution  online.  I probably didn't 
state my case clearly, so please let  me try to clarify.

  I have an Amphenol connector who's wire has ripped out of the  bottom of 
the connector. The hot (positive) center wire needs to be  resoldered to where 
it had been previously soldered. The only way  to gain access to where it needs 
to be resoldered is if the connector can be  disassembled.  The only way it 
can be disassembled is if I could push  everything up thru the top of the 
connector.  Only then can i gain access  to contact that needs to be soldered.
  The problem is that the connector seems to be crimped  in and I can't (yet) 
get it apart.  It doesn't make sense to  me that a manufacturer would make 
fittings that can't be  repaired.  Out of curiosity, do they still make these 
connectors, and if  so, why?  What are the advantages of Amphenol connectors?
  For all i know, my Shure 545S mic is vintage and I would prefer to  keep it 
original.  But.....can i eliminate the Amphenol connector and  replace with a 
standard 1/4 inch plug?  
  I do realize that I could probably buy a new wire or have someone  else fix 
it, but i would like to get it working quickly and simply.  
  I would gladly send a picture to help clarify.  Thanks so much. 
ron - frustrated in the FL Keys

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