Re: Fw: [Harp-L] Original 64 Fender Deluxe blackface amp questions

After installing the three-wire cord and disconnecting the polarity switch, I start by swapping preamp tubes to allow for turning up the volume knob more before feeding back.  12AU7's for 12AX7's if that's not enough growl before howl, I try 12AY7's.  

I'd write to Dick Weber at Weber Speakers and tell him what sound you want and he will tell you which of his speakers will do it for you.  That is if you don't like the sound the amp already has.

And then Play with it.  Try different manufacturers tubes in the output section.

Generally, if there isn't too much of a noticable hum, I don't bother recapping. Fender amps all hum a little even when they're operating perfectly.

Then when you play, put some of your spirit into it.

After all, it's what comes out of your heart that really matters anyway, isn't it?  That's the Magic!  It's unfortunate indeed if you don't believe in that.

I like the way my '72 Super Reverb 4x10" works without changing anything.  I use the clean channel and a vintage Green Bullet with vintage Controlled Magnetic Hi-Z cartridge.  It was recapped about 10 years ago and 3-wire cord installed.  Other than that, all original.  Orignal speakers and NOS tubes all around.

I have never gigged with a Deluxe, but I'd be wary of making much modifications to a vintage '64 BF Deluxe.  If there's something wrong with the speaker, I think I'd rather get Weber to re-cone the original instead of changing it.

I found the 12AU7 to work well in my Kalamazoo2 and instead of a Weber, I put a 25W Celestion 10" in it.  It gives it a little high-end punch to balance out the throaty Bullet mic.

Believe in Magic!
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  Thanks Splash, but I don't believe in magic as much as you ;-).

  Anybody from Earth out there who can help a me with some info not reliant on spiritually possessed electrical equipment? 

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    > Play with it. 
    > Figure out what it will do. And what it won't do. 
    > Make it say what you want it to say. Treat your amp like a friend of yours. 
    > All my amps talk to me different. 
    > PEACE 
    > Scott 
    > Believe in Magic! 
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    > > I have an original 1964 Fender Deluxe blackface amp that I want to use for 
    > gigging. . I'm going to do the usual stuff such as replacing the 2 prong 
    &g t; plug with a grounded one, recap if necessary, etc. 
    > > 
    > > Anyone have recommendations for: 
    > > 1. a replacement 12" speaker (ceramic, alnico, brands, vintage, new, 
    > etc.)? 
    > > 
    > > 2. harp set-ups good for this particular amp (tube set-ups, how the amp 
    > behaves with certain mics, control knob & input preferences, etc.)? 
    > > 
    > > 3. The amp has an external speaker jack. I seem to remember a rule for 
    > external speakers such as using one at half the ohm load for the amp's main 
    > speaker ( I beleive the stock speaker is 8ohm). Does anyone have any info on 
    > this? I don't want to plug in an extension speaker that will cause havoc 
    > with the amp. 
    > > 
    > > Thanks in advance 
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