[Harp-L] Boss FBM-1, Digitech RP200, and Bottle o' Blues

I did a little more testing on my Boss FBM-1 Fender Bassman emulator pedal last night, and found that it sounds very, very nice with the Bottle o' Blues mic--y'know, "nice" in that kind of deep brown Chicago way. It occurred to me that the lack of reverb and delay in this pedal can be compensated for very easily by putting the pedal in front of my Digitech RP200, and setting up a patch or 2 on the Digitech for delay or reverb only. Since I'm already taking the Digitech to gigs, and since the Boss pedal and a short 1/4" patch cable take up barely any additional space and weight in a gig bag, it's an easy way to get another flavor into the setup.

A little more testing showed that the Bottle o'Blues also works very well with the set of 40 patches I've designed for the Digitech RP200 and the Audix Fireball mic. Who knew?

On the same subject, later this week, I'm releasing the updated set of 40 patches for the Digitech RP200 and Audix Fireball to all current owners of the first patchset for the RP200. This is a free update. Prospective buyers who own either a Bottle o' Blues or a "stick" vocal mic should find that this set works very well for them.

Regards, Richard Hunter
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