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Hi Rick,
That was probably me. I use a pencil to outline areas I need to control the solder flow on
gold and semi precious metal crowns. The solder will remain in the outlined area if the graphite adheres properly.
The original suggestion was to outline the reed which included the sides so the solder wouldn't flow under or on the side.

Sometimes lightly sanding the area you want to solder will clean the area plus provide some tooth for the graphite to
stick to. The sides don't need sanded as they are rougher then the surface of the reed.

ps. HohnerUSA isn't the same without you buddy:-)

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If I'm adding a massive amount of solder to lower the pitch by, say, a
fifth, I'll apply a line of graphite using a soft lead pencil on the surface
of the reed at the point where I want the solder to end and along the edge
of the reed to help prevent the solder from flowing where it is not wanted.
Someone on harp-l passed on the suggestion some years ago to apply the
pencil marking on the surface of the reed and an attendee at a workshop I
once gave in Trossingen thought of the idea to add the graphite along the

Best regards,

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