[Harp-L] Need help repairing Amphenol mic cable connector

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I believe that those connectors are still available from Amphenol.   Try 
checking out Mouser electronics (google it) to get some.  You might  also find 
them from Antique Electric Supply.  I assume you are talking  about those fairly 
large 3 or 4 pin connectors.  You might be able to  find the cables 
pre-assembled from one of the online harmoinca  stores.   If the only issue is that the 
wire broke off at the solder  joint, then simply solder the wire back on the 
connector.  There is a  small set screw on the side that you need to loosen to 
get the connector to  slide apart if I remember right.

Thanks for the info.  Re disassembly, yes, it is the only issue and  yes 
there is a set screw, but I've been unable to slide it upwards and out of  it's 
housing to enable me to gain access to do the solder job. 
   Do these connectors even come apart?  Or is it  possible that if i tin the 
wire first, I can heat the center conductor  from the outside (without it 
disassembling) and manage a  successful solder?  Seems unlikely.
  Or can the conductor (which is in the center of what appears to  be a 
Bakelite material) be pried out of the center, to enable me to  access the area to 
be soldered? 
  I appreciate all help.  

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