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Red Archibald had an endorsement from Golden Gate Ale, a local brewer. He was playing everywhere at the time. Maybe someone else can chime in about that deal. You can get businesses to endorse you, but there are a couple of things involved. If they don't know you from Sam, you'd have to show them that you are drawing large crowds of potential customers, and that your gig/band/product will be as effective as a billboard for them. Most of the higher level corporate endorsements are handled through agencies and marketing firms, who would act in cahoots with your team of agent/manager/lawyers. If you don't have any of the latter, it's not impossible, but for most people to break through to any corporate sponsorship, they have to be in a league that none of us are in.
If you want a local business to endorse you, you could just approach the owner or manager and try and make them a fan. As I mentioned earlier, almost all of the music that we hear today on TV, the radio, in movies or in any other controlled commercial venue is subsidized. Red may have been friends with the owner of Golden Gate Ale. He was a likeable guy, a true sweetheart. Maybe the owner was a fan and decided he wanted to give Red a helping hand. Unless we're independently wealthy, that's usually where a "break" comes from, finding somebody to spend some bread or attention on our artistic vision. The more naïve the better!
Today, the only effective endorsement deals I know of are guys we have all heard of, getting paid to say they play instruments that they may hate, may only play live. I've heard of guys changing pickups, microphone casings and harp covers to keep the illusion alive.
Someone mentioned Fender at NAMM. When I was at NAMM a few years back, I talked to their human resources guy, and got some dialogue because I mentioned I was a Hohner endorsee. I wanted a Fender Deville Deluxe 4x10 to play distorted chromatic with, and he said to call him. After haggling a while over the phone, he agreed to get me said amp at cost, it was just below wholesale. After a period of time, they Fedexed me a FDD 2x12 instead, that had been used by a cat touring with Dolly Parton. When I called him and told him one of the tubes was busted, he comped me two sets of tubes, easily over $100 bucks with shipping. I ended up not keeping the amp in the end, but I remember feeling a bit of satisfaction from the whole exchange, considering how low on the radar I've been. I don't even have an endorsement deal with Fender, but you get the drift.
So if you're willing to put some time and effort into calling companies, dealing with changing employees and being a smooth talker, you can get discounted stuff, sometimes free stuff, and even money. Businesses are just people, and people can be sold on anything.

But if you're that talented at getting people to give you money, then why are you a musician? Run for congress!



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Anybody have any luck with getting a local business to
support their band?  There is a beer maker around here
I am thinking of contacting.  They're a big deal in
this part of the state, and that's our home base.

The big name companies are probably hit and miss based
on how many great bands and musicians there are out


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