[Harp-L] Fender Champion 600 5W Amp (John K.)

I'm the guy. I actually prefer the Model 2 - there is very little difference tonally - the Model 2 has Tremelo which the Model 1 doesn't - but more importantly, I've had a few Model 1's through my shop and the mere presence of the tremelo circuit, whether on or off, may explain why the Model 2's seems to sound better. You simply can't get a better small harp amp for the money than a properly refurbished Kalamazoo. The tone is amazing and the price is right. You could spend $500 for a Champ and get similar tone. Or you could spend $250 for a Kalamazoo.

I caution everyone to be very wary of these amps on eBay. I buy them there, KNOWING FULL WELL they will need work. I have bought, repaired and sold nearly 2 DOZEN Kalamazoo amps in the last 2 years- and not one has been right despite the sellers' claims. The worst offender recently was one supposedly "customized for harp". Well, somebody made several changes, all right - with the most terrible workmanship I've ever seen. And the amp sounded awful! Took me all day just to put it back the way it should be. I KNOW what they should sound like and I GUARANTEE THEM.

Check 'em out on my web site - you'll find sound samples there too. I have a couple for sale right now. I am rarely able to keep them in stock!



Richard Hunter wrote:

Kalamazoo Model Ones are generally considered good harp amps. There's a guy who specializes in fixing these up for harp players, and his prices are generally in your low range. Check the Harp-L archives for info.

"Timm Goodrich" wrote:
<I don't have a lot of money and I'm looking for a small gig/ practice <amp
<Yea, I've looked on e-bay but I only want to spend once and fix/ repair
<issues are a concern. I can't afford a money pit.

<Is there "a" amp small amp?
<Price range > $250 ,
<then price range > $500?

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