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I roughed up the reed surface with a sanding wand before I applied the solder. After trial and error I didn't see much benefit to using flux and made do with solder that had its own flux. Real thin solder was easy to work with and stuck to the reed in no time.

Blunt White

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Subject: Re: [Harp-L] Soldering Reeds
Date: Sun, 08 Apr 2007 14:48:39 -0700

The low low F Seydel I have is just ok. The dropped octave A I made myself is better. Vern had some very good advice on how to solder reeds to lower pitch. Here's a link to the archived post.

There are other discussions regarding soldering to lower reed pitch also on the harp-l archive site. There is some good advice from Douglas Tate from a ways back.

Careful application of flux is key for my technique. A low melting temperature solder makes life easier. I believe I used a 22 watt iron with a small tip. I've also used a 15 watt iron with success. Support the reed from underneath. I use paper. It will scorch, don't be alarmed by this. Heat the reed, apply the solder. Flux the reed before you heat it. I use bamboo skewers to apply the flux. the small tip makes it easier to apply the flux exactly where I want it. Try to keep the solder on the very end of the reed. fjm
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