[Harp-L] Endorsements

Rarely do I remember to ask my musician friends about
endorsements.  I often see that phrase associated with
music groups, but have little understanding about it. 
However, I do know of a singer/guitar player and
drummer around my parts that have a few.

Are there opportunities for gear endorsements in the
harp world?  It seems that for a guitar player or
drummer, it would be much easier to work with
companies in such a regard (more types of gear and
companies).  The guitar player I know has Peavey Amp's
seal of approval, but doesn't play electric on his CD
(and only about 1% of the time live).  He also gets
free strings.  The drummer, though, received his
custom kit for free and doesn't have to pay for
anything other then some sticks.  

Like I said, I know little about endorsements or how
they really work.  I know Hohner endorses artists, but
they don't get much in return.  I would love to hear
anybodys thoughts or stories.  A lot of music books
say to contact companies (gear related or not), but I
never have seen who to contact or how to get a hold of

We've gotten support from a couple of local magazines
in terms of sponsoring and marketing events.  This
includes gigs, free advertisement, and press.  I am
interested in any harp specific anecdotes (since I
have to have some harp content), but any other
marketing your bands have done with companies would be
fantastic to hear about.  I am trying to find some
more opportunities for my group, especially since
we've started expanding the area we play in.


Mike Fugazzi

"Music should be healing; music should uplift the soul; music should inspire. There is no better way of getting closer to God, of rising higher towards the spirit, of attaining spiritual perfection than music, if only it is rightly understood."
-Hazrat Inayat Khan

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