Re: [Harp-L] Soldering Reeds

The low low F Seydel I have is just ok. The dropped octave A I made myself is better. Vern had some very good advice on how to solder reeds to lower pitch. Here's a link to the archived post.

There are other discussions regarding soldering to lower reed pitch also on the harp-l archive site. There is some good advice from Douglas Tate from a ways back.

Careful application of flux is key for my technique. A low melting temperature solder makes life easier. I believe I used a 22 watt iron with a small tip. I've also used a 15 watt iron with success. Support the reed from underneath. I use paper. It will scorch, don't be alarmed by this. Heat the reed, apply the solder. Flux the reed before you heat it. I use bamboo skewers to apply the flux. the small tip makes it easier to apply the flux exactly where I want it. Try to keep the solder on the very end of the reed. fjm

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