[Harp-L] Fender Champion 600 5W Amp

Hello - Harp-L thank you for being here!
I don't have a lot of money and I'm looking for a small gig/practice amp
Yea, I've looked on e-bay but I only want to spend once and fix/repair
issues are a concern. I can't afford a money pit.
A Supro or other "vintage" would be a great sound but nobody's giving them
Has any one heard or tried this amp? 
Fender Champion 600 5W 1x6 Combo Amp
"A fun and affordable tribute to a rare and historic Fender amp. Our new
Champion 600 is a 5-watt tube amp with a 6" speaker and 1950 "two-tone"
looks. We added a higher-gain preamp circuit to let the overdriven tone
exceed that of the original, and we added a choice of high- or low-gain
inputs. Internal speaker jack enables use of a larger speaker cabinet."
Is there "a" amp small amp? 
Price range > $250 ,  
then price range > $500?
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In the Rapids
Timm Goodrich

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