Re: RE: [Harp-L] Wireless Volume Question/Issue


Bill Hines wrote:

> Funny you mention the battery. Heh. It could be
that - I'll have 

> to get rigged back up this weekend and check. 


> I have Lithium Ion rechargeables and I usually
charge the day of 

> the jam but didn't do that this time. Heck I
only used it once 

> since the last charge :^)  but I guess these
transmitters can suck 

> them up early. I'm a little skeptical since this
was used for 3 

> sets by 3 different harp players at the jam last
night and it 

> didn't seem to get worse as I would expect if
the battery was low 

> on charge. But perhaps. And I know I've heard
that rechargeables 

> might not be the best to use, just to get
regular alkalines so 

> I'll put a test plan into effect to see what the
deal is there.




I can?t tell you what the problem is that you?re
experiencing with the signal loss, but I can tell
you I used my SO40 transmitter for four years now
with Ni-MH rechargables, and easily get five hours
out of a single charge even if I never turn it off
during a gig.  And mine has been dropped, and
kicked, and has exploded, (resulting from the
drop).  And AKG was still able to repair it for
me, (and though out of warranty), at NO charge.
Oh yeah, the split or crack by the #1 pin is on
every unit I?ve seen so don?t worry about that.
And one final comment, (and Tim probably
remembers), I?m still looking for another
SR40/SO40 or WMS40/SO40, as AKG no longer makes
the SO40 and NONE of the major online or catalog
dealers have any left in stock.  So, if you decide
to give up on it, holler at me.  Good luck sorting
it out, and I wish I could be of more help!

Steamin? Stan

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