[Harp-L] Acoustic mic technique

Sometimes its the little things that make a huge difference ...
  I went to see Cephas and Wiggins play last night and I was blown away by the deep, full, acoustic tone produced by Phil Wiggins playing into the vocal mic straight into the PA. I also mostly play this way, and have been working on my mic technique and tone, but he really impressed me. One thing I picked up on was the way he placed the mic and used it. He put the mic on a boom stand and had the boom lower than his head, with the mic pointing upward. Not straight up, but upward at an angle. Then he cupped the harp tightly and played on top of the mic. He would shape the sound with his hands, and make a small hole in the bottom of his cup to let it get out to the mic. He also got great wah-wah hand effects  this way.
  I usually use a straight mic stand with the mic pointing at me, like a singer would. I had a gig tonight and I tried placing the mic his way and cupping the harp like he did and WOW did it make a huge difference! I was able to get much deeper and fuller tone with my hands and still get lots of volume into the mic. And I got much better hand effects. I was trying to do these things before with the mic my usual way (cupping the harp, etc...) but it was so much easier and more effective his way. Best harmonica lesson I've had in a long time and it only cost me $35 for the show :-)
  Jim McBride

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