Re: [Harp-L] Converting LPs 45s to CDs

Philharpn@xxxxxxx wrote:
<I have no idea whether t<he MP3 format is better/worse than CD-R <format.

MP3 is a software format, CD-R is a hardware format. The question is: what's the resolution of the MP3 files? Anything at or above 192 kbps is generally good enough. Most CD creation progams will burn an MP3 to an audio disk.

<The USB turntable may have its limitations but if it "sounds" OK, the <lack of a 78 rpm turntable speed can easily be fixed with the slow-down <speed-up CD software programs.

I doubt it, to put it mildly. Most software programs can't slow down or speed up a piece of music by more than 10% without introducing undesirable artifacts into the sound, and converting a 78 RPM recording to 33 and then back to 78 RPM is two conversions, not one. I would be very surprised if the end result sounded anywhere near as good as the original.

regards, Richard Hunter

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