[Harp-L] Converting LPs 45s to CDs

In reference to the recent discussion about transferring vinyl recordings to 
digital, the new Hammacher catalog features two gadgets. mammacher (at) com is 
the web address.
The LP-to-CD converter (it looks like an upscale record/CD player with a lid. 
It's at the top of the web page. When you click on it you get an expanded 
description and to the right a smaller photo of the MP3 converter turntable that 
plugs into your computer via a UBS jack.
The LP-toCD recorder stereo system: (p. 8) Basically, this looks like a 
record player with a turntable on top and a CD drawer. (Also AM-FM stereo w/ 
analogue tuner.) It's 9 inches high, 19 inches wide and15 inches deep.You play your 
33s, 45s and 78s. It sells for $400 and you can get two replacement needles 
for $30.  
The LP-to-MP3 converter: (p. 3) Is basically a free-standing belt-driver 
turntable 20 inches wide, 3 inches high and 17 inches deep. It plays 33s and 45s. 
It costs $170.
I have no idea whether the MP3 format is better/worse than CD-R format.
The New York Times Circuits section had an article New Gadgets to Resuscitate 
Old recordings ON Thursday March 29, 2007. 
Since I have about 11 orange crates of LPs and about 100 45s and maybe 50 big 
band (anybody for Ozzie Nelsons band?), this 50s vintage record player sounds 
The USB turntable may have its limitations  but if it "sounds" OK, the lack 
of a 78 rpm turntable speed can easily be fixed with the slow-down speed-up CD 
software programs.
Phil Lloyd

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