Re: RE: [Harp-L] Wireless Volume Question/Issue

Bill Hines wrote:
> Funny you mention the battery. Heh. It could be that - I'll have 
> to get rigged back up this weekend and check. 
> I have Lithium Ion rechargeables and I usually charge the day of 
> the jam but didn't do that this time. Heck I only used it once 
> since the last charge :^)  but I guess these transmitters can suck 
> them up early. I'm a little skeptical since this was used for 3 
> sets by 3 different harp players at the jam last night and it 
> didn't seem to get worse as I would expect if the battery was low 
> on charge. But perhaps. And I know I've heard that rechargeables 
> might not be the best to use, just to get regular alkalines so 
> I'll put a test plan into effect to see what the deal is there.

As far as rechargables vs. alkalines, the problem with rechargables 
is that they typically output a slightly low voltage.  A typical AA 
rechargable will output about 1.35vDC vs 1.55vDC for an alkaline.  
The other big difference is the decay curve.  Whereas alkalines will 
decay more slowly over a longer period of time, rechargables 
typically "die" rather quickly.  

That would seem to indicate that the rechargable battery is not the 
problem, unless the low voltage is causing problems.  I doubt it is 
decaying slowly enough to cause a problem over time.  The battery 
indicator on the transmitter should be showing you if the condition 
of the battery is insufficient.  


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