[Harp-L] Wireless Volume Question/Issue

I have an AKG WMS40/SO40 and use that with an Audix Fireball V. Question
if anyone knows - when i go through the wireless to either my sonny jr
or the deluxe reverb, i have to crank the amp volume way up to almost
max. when i go in with the same mic directly to the amp, volume of 2 or
3 is about the same loudness as max through the wireless. 
what gives? I don't think this was the case before, something must have
changed. I checked the volume on the wirelss receiver (maxed), my mic
(maxed), the gain on the wireless transmitter (max), etc. only thing i
can think is maybe the receiver is picking this up as a lo-z signal now
for some reason? again I don't think this was going on last time I used
the wireless. 
The cord from the wireless receiver to the amp is a Soundflex by VTG
20GA/1C instrument cable, 1/4" on both ends, into the 1/4" unbalanced
jack on the wireless. Could it be a lo-z cable or some thing? I haven't
tried other cables, so maybe that's it but I'm doubtful. There's also a
crack I noticed near one of the XLR pin inputs on the SO40 transmitter,
maybe this is causing a weak signal?

Bill Hines
Hershey, PA

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