Re: [Harp-L] Boss DD-3 Pedal vs. Boss DD-5 Pedal

On Thu, 5 Apr 2007, Hal Iwan wrote:

> Hello all,

> >From the Adam Gussow video 001 on You Tube, he uses a
> >Boss DD-3 pedal, (split to 2 amps), can I use a Boss DD-5
> >pedal in its place since I don't have a DD-3 and expect
> >similar results? Are the differences between the 2 pedals
> >huge and if so in which way?

I have seen that video, and have played around with some of
the effects I have. Looking at the pedals on the Boss
website, it seems that the big differences between the two
pedals are a stereo output, dynamic control over delay
length via expression pedal, and expanded choices for the

Watching that video (1), His values are E.level at about 9
o'clock, Feedback at about 9 o'clock, Delay Time at about 11
o'clock and the Mode knob set at the "long delay" setting.
That should be position 4 on your pedal. So, you should be
able to do exactly what his DD-3 does on your DD-5.

The second output "provides dynamic panning delay for
spacious stereo effects", but Adam's rig provides the same
output to both amps. If you're playing with two amps, you
might prefer splitting the mono output rather than using the
Panning Out feature. Or it might sound cool.

> TIA & Happy Easter,

Have a happy Easter, too.

> Hal in MI


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