Re: [Harp-L] Steve Guyger

i have seen steve three times and do agree that he is smokin, have one cd and it is great, talked to him a couple time and tried to milk som pointers out of him, he played with a local band here in lancaster and it was a great show, if you see him in your area don't miss him...........joe g

Bill Hines <billhines4@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:  Wow, finally got the chance to catch Steve Guyger's show last night. The
guy is just killer, I'm so glad I went. All you folks that love catching
Jason when he's around, well we all know that's not often enough so make
sure to check your local blues calendar to find out when acts like Steve
are around. Almost missed this one because it wasn't well advertised and
then the date was wrong! 

He's got a bunch of dates coming up in PA, MD, NJ, NYC (Terra Blues,
etc). I went down to the show with Mike Easton and Mike got called up
later in the night so it was a double treat. Steve hung out with us on
breaks and complained a lot about his harps, haha. His band was great,
all could (and did) sing, Steve's got a great blues voice and of course
killer harp content on both diat and chro.

Great, supportive crowd at Kclingers in Hanover, PA. Live Music Is
Alive! Don't know how I missed this guy up until now, sorry I have

Bill Hines
Hershey, PA
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