[Harp-L] Kalama ... Whoo!

Hey Now!
       I've been going through a very rough time for the past year or two.  Due to the gradual decline and final implosion in the mortgage industry, I have had severe financial problems.  I have had to pawn/redeem/pawn/sell ... you get the picture.  These problems were compounded when someone scammed me for $2,800.00 in a Nigerian scam for my Sonny Junior II.  At least the bastards didn't get the amp.  I later sold it.  During one of my ventures to the pawn shop, I noticed an old Kalamazoo Model One (speaker codes date it to 1965) sitting in the corner.  Such is the mind and desire of a harp freak that even when in desperate straits, you still think about and keep an eye out for gear!  The particle board cabinet was disintegrated, the tolex was dog-eared, the thing had no tubes, it looked like it had been ridden hard and put up wet!  So, I put new tubes in it and it sat in my closet for months.  Well, things got worse and I had to pawn my '56 Oahu and my PA.  When the offer
 for a gig came up; I needed something to play through.  I had the amp tech at Empirical Sound fix the 'ZOO.  He replaced the caps, with slightly higher value ones, and added a line-out.  I could ill afford the repair job of almost $200 ... but I winced and got my ugly amp home.  When I plugged in my Ceramic JT-30, and played a few riffs on my "A" harp, I was stunned and amazed!  The little amp just flowed  crunchy butter all over the place!  It is hands down the BEST harp sound I have ever gotten.  I have owned Magnatone, Valco/Oahu, Silvertone, Fender, Sonny Junior amps, as well as a variety of other amps and this ugly duckling just blows them away!  Folks, if you EVER run across one of these ... BUY IT!  They are simply amazing.  Every dark cloud has it's silver lining (usually silver threads in the grill-cloth!) and I found mine!  I love harp-l!  You guys are ALL stars, in your own right.  I never would have known to even pay attention to these amps if it hadn't been
 for this list.  "No matter all the different shades of blue / I can get them on my KALAMAZOO!"
  The moral of the story is: before you spend your hard-earned money on a Chinese-made Epiphone or Fender ... check your local pawn shop for hidden treasure!

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