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Oh, ok, Reach already explained it to me and had some VERY good points (basically same as yours.)
Now it all makes sense. Thanks


On Apr 5, 2007, at 9:32 AM, 46long Blake wrote:

I think it's also a useful promotional tool - at least on one's website /
official calendar. It adds an air of desirability - "Hey, someone thinks
these guys are good enough for a special occasion" and it also puts the
word out that the band is available / willing to do such work.

- B

On 4/5/07, Tim Moyer <wmharps@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Joe Leone wrote: > Pardon me but I don't understand listing private engagements > on Danny's gig list. What's the point or am I missing something > critical here?

I think it's just information out of context. Many of the performers
who post on Danny's list lift their schedules out of some other
calendar, such as their own website listing. In that context, a
private engagement listing lets the viewer know that the date is
already taken, and also, for touring performers, that the act is in a
particular area. From a band's perspective, it's always better to look
busy, so the more dates the better. Around Christmas time our band
always lists its private bookings to help potential bookers plan their
event around available times. Perhaps on the gig list this is less
useful, since it's primarily targeted to the audience.


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