[Harp-L] Re: Live Music in NYC

Hey yall's, I'm going to  be in NYC this weekend participating in a 
conference on Ibogaine at  Columbia University on Saturday, and at Alex Grey's Chapel 
of Mirror's on  Sunday. On Saturday night we're gonna have a jam at # 9 Bleeker 
Street (About 4  or 5 doors down from the corner with Bowery) at the Yippie 
Museum and Coffee  Shop. Anybody in the city please come by and check it out. 
Bring harps, guitars,  and twisted attitudes or anything else that you feel 
like luggin' around. It  looks like I may be one of the only guitar players so 
please any guitar players  around bring something to play 'cause I really aint 
no kind of blues guitar  player. I'll even let ya play my TC 90 Thinline (P 90 
soap bars) I'm a  singer song writer kind of guy but can do it in a pinch. 
I've been a harp player  in blues bands for years so I'd really like to have some 
other guitar players  around so I can stretch out and play some harp. I'm 
bringin' my Zoom digital  recorder to use and get effects from, and there is a 
small PA and a few mics.  They are askin' for a 20 buck donation to raise money 
for Ibogaine awareness,  but if yall get there to jam and can't, or don't want 
to donate, just ask for me  and I'll see that you can come in and rip. Ask 
for Randy or the  BiscuitBoy.
      This is short notice but the best kind of  jams just seem to happen on 
their own don't cha think? I'm lookin' to make this  an annual thing because 
we have a conference every year anyway so please  help me make this first one a 
blow out. You will most definitely meet some  very interesting people.
        BiscuitBoy Blues

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