[Harp-L] SONNY JR 410 for sale

Fellow Harp-l members:
Selling my 410 if you're interested. (check  his website for picture and specs)
Less than 50 hours on it.
Well cared for in climate controlled environment.
Pristine.  Mint or near mint.  Not a scratch on it I can see.  I really baby'd it.
Beautiful finish.
Great great sound.  The few times I took it out to play, I had rave reviews from other harp players
and listeners on its tone.  It's such a PLEASURE playing when you're hooked up to such an incredible amp.
Comes with all original tubes, extra tubes that Sonny sends with his amps, and Sonny Jr. amp instruction manual.  
Original Sonny Jr cover comes with it.
Truly, as good as a new SJ410 in every way.  You won't be able to tell the difference.  I bought it about a year or so ago.  I'm not in a band so I really only use it once in a while at a jam session.  I don't practice at home so it often sits for weeks without being touched.
I have my eye on a new Gibson ES 335 guitar and need some cash!
Purchased for $2250.  I'll sell for $1800.  Will not disappoint.
If interested, email me off list and I'll send you pics, etc. or answer any questions you have.
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