[Harp-L] Straight harp / folk rock?

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> Any particular harps work better with  a rack and for that kind of playing? 
> What instrictional material will  get him down the road to competency?  Any
> recommendations? 

I have a tip for your friend.  He can use his harp based on  feel, tone, 
tuning intonation etc..  My tip is about the rack itself - the  K & M harmonica 
holder is the best I've used.  Put in a search for it  online and u will see 
many places that sell it for $24.50.  Here's one  link, which indicates it may be 
a product of Bushman Harmonicas, dunno.   All types of harps seems to work 
well in this holder.  It was originally  recommended by Madcat Ruth on Harp-L 
years ago when the best rack topic  arose.  
Re  instructional material, the consensus on this list seems to say that the 
Dave  Barrett material is great; and Jerry Portnoy's material is good for 
blues.   I have not personally seen either, so listen to what the others say.  I  
just saw the Portnoy material for $66 here:  
_http://www.harpmaster.com/mcreviews.htm_ (http://www.harpmaster.com/mcreviews.htm) 
Ron  - FL Keys

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