[Harp-L] Anyone familiar with the HBW40 - Harmonica Honey Bee

The "Honey Bee"  is the guitar bug version of the traditional wireless unit wm40, a very good single frequency unit that clips on your belt or pocket, which I recently bought.  Single frequency can be a prob if conflict with others, but others usually have multi-freq so ... (but I carry a cord just in case)  

I recently bought the WM40 belt-clip/pocket instrument transmitter because (1) at about $150 it's about $70 less expensive, with the same capabilities, and (2) the guitar bug, because the jack is on a hinged spring,  seems a bit awkward, on a bullet-style mic, tho for some it might be a fashion improvement.

And because Jason R said AKG was good.  Thanks brother Jason!

I checked the AKG stuff at NAMM, it seems like the Bug's antenna would want to poke me in the eye or nose.  Some have used various methods to manage it, rubber-banding the thing or disabling the spring so it extends downward.

Anyway, I really like the little WM40 pocket xmitter, good range, good frequency response (some minor thinning of bottom but minimal compared to others I tried in that price range) and I can go find monitor (or dance or cross the room and adjust the pa or get a beer) now without tripping over cables!  And I can drop my mic in my shirt pocket, which might be a slight prob with the Bug attached to it. 


-Dave Fertig

ps: AKG:  send me fifty bucks . . .

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