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Now that’s a flash from the past...

Mike Hines wrote:

I need a bit of help from some of you more advanced players if possible. I'm trying to learn a song by a group called "New Heavenly Blue". Song is "My heart's at the cleaners". There is some modulation in there and although i think i know where the harp part is going, i can't seem to get there from here. I believe the song modulates from A to something like F# diminished/coagulated etc. Any and all help greatly appreciated. this tune's stuck in my head and i gotta learn it.

Back in 1970 I was the 21 year old harmonica player in the band “New Heavenly Blue.” Our first record, EDUCATED HOMEGROWN, was recorded in the summer of 1970 at the RCA studios in Chicago and released later that year on RCA Records. The medley of “My Heart’s at the Cleaners” and “The Real McCoy” was on that first New Heavenly Blue LP.

The “Hearts at the Cleaners” part of the song was in the key of E, played in second position on an A harmonica. In the instrumental section (the Real McCoy section) of the medley we modulated to the key of A which I played in second position on a D harmonica. At the bridge it goes to F# minor (the relative minor of A) and I continued playing on a D harmonica. So on the bridge I was playing in fifth position. (At that time I had no idea that fifth position was called fifth position.)

It was my idea to put “The Real McCoy” into that medley. Even back in 1970 I was a huge fan of Charlie McCoy. His Record THE REAL MCCOY was released the year before (1969) so I was probably the first person to record a cover version of that song.

Peace & Joy,

Peter Madcat Ruth

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