Re: [Harp-L] Anyone familiar with the HBW40 - Harmonica Honey BeeWireless

You should be able to compensate for any signal loss from the 
unbalanced line out by using the volume control on the front panel of 
the receiver.  It controls the output level of the receiver.  That way 
you can plus the receiver into your amplifier with a standard guitar 


ben bouman wrote:
> I don't know why...I automaticilly did what I normally do when 
> using a cable. I have to test if the hiZ line out boosts the 
> signal as much as my vintage Shure imp. transformer!

> I wrote: 
> >  I'm curious, Ben, why you need an impedance transformer.  Your 
> > receiver should have an unbalanced hiZ line out (1/4") as well 
> > as a balanced XLR out.

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