Re: [Harp-L] Anyone familiar with the HBW40 - Harmonica Honey Bee Wireless

dennis moriarty wrote:
> Thanks Tim. I'm trying to get a price match on Musician's 
> Friend to bring it down to 199.00 as I trust your experience.  

I got mine new from a wholesaler more than a year ago for almost $200, 
so this is getting pretty close to cost for them, I believe.  I got the 
recommendation for this unit from Chris Michalek, and since then have 
found lots of people that use it, including Rosco, Ben Bouman, many 
more too numerous to remember.  I bought the XLR transmitter (Snap-On) 
and receiver together, then bought the guitar bug transmitter later off 
ebay (had to be careful that it was the same frequency!).  If you have 
anyone else in the band using wireless, make sure you don't get a 
conflicting frequency!


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