Re: [Harp-L] Anyone familiar with the HBW40 - Harmonica Honey BeeWireless

I bought the same AKG that Tim has.....and I'm more than happy with.
I was always afraid it would change my sound...but it doesn't.
I use the snap-on transmitter on my Electro Voice RE10 and a low/high impedance transformer before the signal goes from the receiver into my Marble Harpmaster.

Ben Bouman

p.s. someone asked about the tuning of the new Seydel 1847 harp(with the stainless steel reeds)...
We use a compromised tuning....
details can be found on the website
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dennis moriarty wrote:
From harp depot

Yeah, it's an AKG WMS40 receiver and a "guitar bug" transmitter. Wireless-System-?sku=275682

No affiliation with anyone selling any of these things.  I have one
and I love it.  I use mine with a loZ XLR transmitter, but I also have
the "guitar bug" (or "harmonica bug") transmitter for my hiZ mics when
I want (both transmitters on the same frequency so I can use them at
separate times with the same receiver).


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