RE: [Harp-L] San Francisco April 23-27

Hey, thanks Bill and Greg for the nice plugs.  Just quickly, we have our
hearing for our beer and wine license, and entertainment permit on April
26th.  Then two weeks later we should be picking up our license...should be.
And then the plan is to have a real grand opening (even though we'll have
been open nearly five months) around the end of May.

We'll be having a lot of live acoustic blues and jazz in the restaurant and
I'm hoping some nice harp players will drop by and sit in.  I'm in the
process of starting to build the bar and soon I hope to acquire a decent
upright piano.  My plan is to have an all day blues day on Saturday's, a
Jazz Sunday, a Bluegrass night somewhere in the week, and live acoustic
blues as much as possible.  Maybe another evening for other kinds of
harmonica music.  I'd love to see Winslow Yerxa come by sometime and
play...for a real tasty pizza,, get the

Until we get our license, I content myself with my iPod music in the
restaurant.  All day long we listen to great blues and other harp music
(often boring my employees)and it's the only thing keeping me sane from the
100+ hour weeks.  Sometimes while listening to some old time hillbilly
harmonica in the restaurant I realize it might be just a tad too obscure for
my customers at the time and I'll switch off to something else.  

iPods are weird in their shuffles and even though I have about 5000 songs on
mine, I very often hear in no particular order and always with pleasure Jimi
Lee (whom I had the great pleasure to meet last year at SPAH), Greg Heumann
(a great player, both harp and sax, and vocalist..and a great guy as well),
Mark Hummel (whose jam at the Little Fox Theater on April 18 I'm
sponsoring...with great pleasure), Steve Freund (a fantastic player), Lee
Oskar, Little Walter, Paul Butterfield, Sonny Boy I and II...and those are
the ones who pop up the most.

Jimi Lee is playing on my stereo all the time. It makes me wonder if he
stuck some code on his CD that tells an iPod...pick me, pick me.  I only
have one album of his yet his songs keep coming up. And he's got one called
"You Ain't Shit"...whenever it comes on I find myself running to the iPod to
skip it so none of my customers will complain about Jimi Lee telling them
they ain't shit.  :-)


Robert Gaustad

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Check out what's happening at Biscuits 'n Blues downtown, maybe hit the new
upstairs club, maybe harp-l's Greg Heumann will be there blowing harp with
his band. Other info will be at

Go check out harp-l's Bob Gaustad's blues & harp themed pizza joint and blow
some for the crowd!

Bill Hines
Hershey, PA

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I'm traveling on business to San Francisco, will be in town for the nights
of April 23 (Monday) to April 27 (Saturday).  Any suggestions on good jam
sessions, shows, artists to catch, etc. appreciated.  I will not have a car,
so I'm pretty much limited to venues reachable by public

transportation or taxi.

Thanks, Richard Hunter
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