[Harp-L] Re: Music & The American Dream

I have been making my living solely playing the harmonica since 1986. I find the audience in classical music still really loves the live performance situation.

The difference I find is in the music industry and in the control and distribution of intellectual material including music being in the hands of larger and larger corporations and fewer and fewer people. The record companies have dropped their classical, blues, jazz and folk divisions; Tower Records has gone under. The periphery of the business has dried up including studio work, making recordings, etc.

As we do more and more work ourselves - producing recordings, distribution, promotion, etc and take on those costs, we end up with less impact in the market place. Soon professional musicians will end up having to hold day jobs and do amateur performances, in classical music usually around universities and the quality of performance will suffer big time.

I don't know the outcome, but "the times they are a changing"!!

Harmonically yours,
Robert Bonfiglio

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