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Rosco asked:
<<my feeling is that fewer & fewer people want to hear   
ANYTHING they don't already know. Is that impression correct?>>
It has never been more true!
For years I've played blues, progressive rock, jazz, Gospel & funk...20  or 
30 years ago we got big audiences. These days my "big" gigs tend to be  playing 
"Covers" with the Matthew Jones Orchestra... Filling big theatres across  the 
Midlands here in England "Tribute to the Carpenters" (playing the Tommy  
Morgan parts + sneaking in a bit of my own stuff) "Tribute to Dusty  
Springfield"... And so on... OK a couple of weeks ago I played at the ICC in  Birmingham 
with vocalist Madeline Bell to 3,500 people, but Madeline Bell IS a  legend here 
in the UK. (Madeline Bell is wonderful to work with and is a  FANTASTIC 
Here in London, the clubs with live music that are full of customers are  the 
"Tribute to...." brigade.
I LOVE blues... Last time I played a blues gig in a pub there were more  
people behind the bar than customers, and WE WERE GOOD! It has always been  
important to play music that the audience enjoys. But it is a shame that so  often 
these days the punters just want to hear it exactly the same  as on the CD's.
Best wishes,
John "Whiteboy" Walden


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