[Harp-L] The Bottom Line on this Live Music Thing

I know I posted on this the other day. I really just blurted out a bunch of
stuff that came to my mind at the time. As I read all of the responses to
this topic I really think it all comes down to the most basic of principles:
supply & demand 


The market will always make the final decision. All markets have different
variables. In the case of making a living at playing that is very subjective
as well. The guy renting a room and eating macaroni and cheese can make his
living doing what he desires a lot easier than the folks who have a
mortgage, children, car payment etc.


I also think that many of us on the outside looking in think that life would
be a dream if all we had to do was blow, blow, blow. The reality is that the
"business" is so much more than just playing. Be careful what we wish for. I
would love to hear more stories from those here on the list about how much
work it is to be a full time professional musician and not live on the
beefaroni in a shack. I am sure Rob P is having a blast in Japan but also a
little road weary and missing his family very much as well.





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