[Harp-L] Chromatic Harp 101 @ The Jazz School

Hey All,

On a more harmonic note - For all of you who live in or know harmonica players in the San Francisco Bay Area, there's some good news:

Chromatic Harmonica Lessons @ THE JAZZSCHOOL in Berkeley, Ca...

Starting next Tuesday, April 10th will be my first day of class,
teaching Chromatic Harmonica 101, from 4:45pm-6:15pm. The class will run
for 10 weeks.

I'm very honored to have been asked by the Jazz School to teach the
Chromatic Harmonica. I made it clear I didn't want to
teach Blues Harp and that I wanted to approach the class as a serious musical endeavor,
with theory, reading and the likes. It should be very interesting, and hopefully it can
turn into a renaissance of the instrument!

Link: http://www.jazzschool.com/html/classes_harmonica.html

Tell your harmonica buddies in the Bay Area.

Damien Masterson http://www.damienmasterson.com
or enter my name in any search engine
415 305 7138 dzm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Damien Endorses Hohner Harmonicas and Audix Microphones

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