[Harp-L] Austin audiences

Rosco asked about Austin audiences.  IMO, There are around 3000 people going to support live music on a regular basis.  These people are all ages.  I often see people in their 20's and 60's at the same show.  Then there are around 600,000 people who stay at home except for two nights a month.  That's a lot of people going out, especially on the weekends.  
  Rosco also asked if Austin clubs encouraged original music.  There is no doubt, original music is the mainstay in Austin.  
  The problem with Austin, like Tim suggested, is that the clubs don't pay. $50 per man is a good gig, $150 is about the capper before weddings, corporate and cover band and private party gigs.  There are so many musicians here willing to work for free.  It is also a right to work state so the Union is basically powerless.
  If you are considering moving to Austin, email me offlist.  There is a lot about Austin, both positives and negatives that have nothing to do with the music world.
  Michael Rubin

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