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On Apr 2, 2007, at 3:36 PM, Roscoharp@xxxxxxx wrote:

The point is that my feeling is that fewer & fewer people want to hear
ANYTHING they don't already know. Is that impression correct? I don't know for

I can only speak for myself. Now while I hate to go to festivals and hear the same stuff over and over, I also wouldn't want to listen to someone do 44 minutes of original stuff., (which I have done).

My impression is that 21 -30 year olds don't have the same relationship with
music that the previous four or five generations did.

TV killed live show business, music systems killed live music.

The older crowd may have been turned off by later & later starting times,
smoky venues, volume issues, drunk driving laws, etc. Anyway, the 30-50 yr olds
aren't going to keep many venues in business. They never did go out to clubs
in large numbers

Here in Fla, our crowd is 49-64. Anything younger and the kids don't have the money. Wages are too low here. Anything older and the 'kids' have medical issues, don't want to drive at night or can't take the sound level. The drinking isn't a problem because the oldsters don't go overboard.

I would be extremely happy to be wrong about this.

You're not wrong......smo=joe

Later, Rosco


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