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BiscuitBoy sez :


" Hello Mr Hurricane, most eloquently put about gigs. When you mentioned Ruth Brown were you talking about the Ruth Brown that lives in Erie Pa. now? "


Hey BiscuitBoy :

Some one had to do it :) heh heh 

About Ruth Brown :

< http://www.google.com/musica?aid=xkkzHhWlEXE&sa=X&oi=music&ct=result >

Her obituary :

< http://www.guardian.co.uk/obituaries/story/0,,1952278,00.html >

When Last I was in touch with her she was living in Las Vegas as her home base after she left Los Angeles . I know she spent a lot of time on the east coast , could be it was the same Ruth Brown if she is now deceased .

I can not express the way she affected me in such a short time that we got to know each other . She is still alive to me . Her courage is a hard thing to come by in this world . She fortunately was able to really enjoy her success and did live a wonderful life after hitting it big and then crashing down in flames from crooked deals in the recording industry in her youthful hay days  , she was truly a Phoenix bird . 

Her abilities went from The Blues to Jazz and then over in to Broadway success and into the motion picture industry , yeah she covered a lot of ground . I was lucky to be able to call her friend .

Thanks for the holler .

Sincerely :

Hurricane Ramon

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