Subject: [Harp-L] Summertime help

My answer to your "Summertime" dilemma?  Jason Ricci doing it  impromptu with 
Todd Edmunds (Buckweed) as backup on bass at Terra Blues  last May....I was 
lucky enough to be in the audience that night. Had  all of us on our feet.   
Garry Hodgson captured it (as he does  all of Jason's East Coast gigs) for 
posterity, for which we should all be  ever grateful...give a listen. Summertime is 
No. 19 on the set list: 
_Click  here: Internet Archive: Details: Jason Ricci and New Blood Live at 
Terra  Blues on 2006-05-04_ 
...Otherwise, play it on a chromatic...and get to pick and choose  your key 
(my way of playing it).
Side note:  Jason said he was retiring his version after hearing  Smo-Joe 
play it during a gig in Florida...
"My band hosts an open jam and last night someone
called  Summertime.  I know the melody and play it in
4th.  However,  I've never thought so soloing through
the piece.

Any  advice?  The chord progression seems pretty nuts. 
I don't mind  learning its harmony and following it
rather then picking a diatonic  scale.  I have forever
to figure it out, but thought it would be a  great
challenge to play it from a jazz persepctive rather
then  blues.

I think we'll be adding it to our regular set
eventually  along with Watermelon Man (thanks Gussow!).

Mike  Fugazzi"

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