Re: [Harp-L] The reemergence of live music!

I knew as soon as I hit the send button that I should keep my personal
opinions to myself. My comment was not directed at Clarke.  I'm a big fan of
William Clarke and he has always been my favorite of the West Coast guys.

The point I was *attempting* to make was that the music we offer needs to
compel people to come out.  Originality is part of that equation.


On 4/1/07, Haka Harri <harri.haka@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

Trip Henderson wrote:
> Do we really need another band that is
> derivative of
> a derivative (for example a band that sounds like Bill Clarke
> sounding like
> George Smith).

Bill Clarke was influenced by George Smith but didn't sound like him. He
also got lots of "derivation" from eg. jazz sax and organ players. Most
musicians are influenced by other musicians and that will always be the

One classic example is Eric Clapton. He is a self-admitted derivative of,
but hardly sounds like Robert Johnson.


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