Re: [Harp-L] Blackface Amp Users?

Ray, I used a Vibrolux at a  Blues Ho Down (that's what I call it) that is 
put on every year in Erie Pa. A  real good player and very nice guy let me use 
his harp rig, which was way  unexpected by me. I usually just play straight 
through the PA when I go to those  kinds of things, but I have to tell ya that it 
sounded killer to me. I was  drooling over it before I left. I'm not a big 
harp amp guy, (I'm becoming that  way since I got on this list) so I'd say that 
Sonny or some of the other amp  guys here would tell you to replace some tubes 
for optimum sound, but I'd sure  use it just like it was and play guitar 
through every once in a while.
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Anyone  out there using a Fender Blackface amp, preferably something a  
bit  larger than a Princeton? Maybe along the lines of a  Vibrolux?

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