[Harp-L] Re: death of live music?

"Bill Hines" <billhines4@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> ...so next thing you know you have transformed from the stoned kid
> having a blast grooving to some horrible but passionate band at the frat
> party into some leaden wooden dancing comb-over or toupee-wearing zombie
> at the local bar because there's some DJ playing some song you used to
> live by (mony mony, mony mony...), bringing faint reminders of something
> that was good in life, long ago and far away

wow, *that* was depressing.  but i know what you mean.  

> Sorry, but I just described
> many of my former friends. Me: "hey this guy jason ricci is playing
> tonight, he's great, come on out.."  Them: "nah bill, We're pretty
> tired, and desparate housewives is on anyway and we're gonna have to
> stay up way past our bedtime to watch that as it is. We usually crash by
> 9 these days".

yeah, it's like pullin' teeth to get people to come out to a show.  i ran into a 
friend the other night who came to see jason at our habitat benefit.  i'd been
trying for years to get him out to a jrnb show, to no avail.  and now he's like,
"oh my god, i can't believe all those times i didn't go when you've been after
me for so long.  i am *so* glad you kept after me!"

so keep up your efforts to save your friends from couch potato zombiehood.
you're on the side of the angels.

Garry Hodgson, Senior Software Geek, AT&T CSO

nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something.
do something.

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